Meet Sugar Land Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis

A look at the classy Smile Texas lobby.Located at 4665 Sweetwater Blvd., in Sugar Land, TX, Smile Texas is no ordinary dental office. We strongly believe that, as our patient, you are part of our family. You are what makes Smile Texas a leading dental practice in the Houston area. That’s why we work hard to accommodate you to the best of our abilities.  From the first step you take in our office, we endeavor to make sure you feel at home. Even while sitting in our charming lobby, you’ll be able to relax to a beautiful serenade provided by our talented pianist. That same calm, tranquil atmosphere will persist as you benefit from the dental care you need.

While waiting in our lobby, you will of course be treated to coffee, water, or a soft drink. Once taken to your room, you will have the option to listen to an MP3 player, if that helps you relax. You can also take advantage of sleeping eye masks we provide on demand and, if cold, you can make use of a comfortable, warming blanket our staff will be happy to provide you.

A team photograph of the Smile Texas staff
Meet the Smile Texas staff.

Suffer From Dental Phobia or Anxiety?

Dental phobia and anxiety are real things and they are no laughing matter. Such fears can be caused by a variety of things, but regardless of why you suffer from dental phobia we seek to make the experience at our Sugar Land office as comfy as possible. To help relax you while we provide the treatment you need, we offer sedation dentistry therapy, which is safe and effective. We are amongst the few dentists who are licensed sedation dentistry practitioners; at Smile Texas you can rest assured that your smile is in safe hands.

Meet Dr. Rick Kline

A photo of Dr. Rick KlineDr. Kline’s passion revolves around helping people each and every day with their dental health problems. Tooth loss and dental infection are serious diseases that can cause a lot of harm and these conditions can really burden the patient. Not only can tooth loss deteriorate your oral health, it can also affect your social life and can eventually lead to depression. Dr. Kline empathizes with you, in large part because he himself has suffered from these issues first hand. He therefore takes great pride in doing his part in improving our world by delivering the smile you merit.

Part of this life-long passion includes the development of Teeth by Tonight™, a dental implant-based treatment designed to help those who have lost all or most of their teeth along a full arch. Dr. Kline’s treatment not only replaces lost teeth, but it also protects the underlying gum tissue and jawbone, comprehensively addressing the many issues you may be suffering from. (To learn more about this treatment also visit our educational guide on Teeth by Tonight™®.)

Dr. Kline is a lifelong learner with over 20 years of dentistry experience. A fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI) and a graduate of the renowned Misch Institute for Advanced Implant Dentistry, he has performed thousands of implant procedures. His successes have earned him the distinguished honor of being the official dentist for the Miss Texas-USA Pageant. Finally, Dr. Kline is also one of the handful of Houston dentists certified in IV sedation dentistry.

Meet Dr. Bret Davis

A photo of Dr. Bret DavisDr. Davis is a strong, unwavering believer in lifelong learning and patient education. To provide the highest quality dental service to his patients, he has invested considerable time in post-graduate training. This includes training with the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), where he learned state-of-the-art cosmetic and restorative procedures to provide his patients with stunning, unforgettable smiles. Believe it or not, Dr. Davis is one of the youngest dentists to have completed the LVI curriculum!

Other training programs Dr. Davis has completed include:

  • Advanced Functional Aesthetics
  • Advanced Posterior Aesthetics
  • TMJ Therapy
  • Oral and IV Sedation Certification
  • Bone Grafting
  • General Practice Residency

Dr. Davis is a dual-fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and has accomplished thousands of smile makeovers and full mouth reconstructions, which are procedures designed to address many dental issues at once. In 2014, Dr. Davis was recognized as a Leading Health Professional of the World by the International Biographical Center.

Missing Teeth? Contact Our Sugar Land Practice

If you’re missing teeth or if you’re suffering from advanced dental problems, it’s important to choose a dentist you can trust. Dr. Davis and Dr. Kline are amongst the best trained dentists in the Houston area. If you’re ready to start the journey towards the brilliant smile you deserve, contact our Sugar Land dental practice to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation: 832-500-3935.