Teeth by Tonight™ in Sugar Land TX

Are you missing many teeth? Do you suffer from advanced periodontal disease or tooth decay? If you answered ‘yes’ to the aforementioned questions, Teeth by Tonight™ may be the ideal treatment for you. This is a state-of-the-art treatment that brings patients the technology of dental implants, with greater cost efficiency and a shorter recovery time. As with implants in general, the aesthetic qualities of Teeth by Tonight™ are unparalleled and to your friends, family, and colleagues your beautiful smile will look brilliant and natural. Here, Sugar Land and Houston, TX dentists Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis offer an in-depth review of Teeth by Tonight™ and how it can benefit you.

Why Teeth by Tonight™?

Tooth loss can lead to a variety of oral, general, and emotional health problems. Not only can missing teeth bring about tooth decay and gum disease, possibly leading to further loss, but it also affect your confidence in yourself and how others perceive you. Teeth by Tonight™ can restore your smile without necessitating a long treatment process. This treatment is stable even when the volume of the jawbone is minimal, eliminating the need for a bone graft. Teeth by Tonight™ also benefits from what’s referred to as “immediate loading.”  Rather than having to wait months for the implant site to heal, your new smile will almost immediately be able to handle the pressures of daily chewing, speaking, and other activities.

Teeth by Tonight™ can also be more affordable than replacing missing teeth individually with dental implants. By treating tooth loss collectively, a full-arch of dental prostheses can be supported by a smaller number of tooth implants, whereas if treated individually the necessary number of implant fixtures could be higher. Furthermore, as aforementioned, because patients with deficient jawbone can be treated with Teeth by Tonight™ without a supplemental procedure, the Teeth by Tonight™ procedure eliminates potential additional costs that would come with more conventional options.

What is Teeth by Tonight™?

Teeth by Tonight™ is an implant-supported tooth replacement system developed and introduced during the 1990s. It is designed for patients with severe tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. By placing four implant fixtures along the anterior maxilla, where bone density is naturally greater, Teeth by Tonight™ can be used to help a wider variety of patients without need of supplemental procedures. The treatment is truly remarkable because it can both return normal function to your teeth and restore your smile’s dazzling charm — all of this without having to wait, as the Teeth by Tonight™ bridge is fitted on the same day as the surgery.

Benefits of Teeth by Tonight™ Implants

Immediate Results You will enjoy your new smile on the same day of the procedure, including an augmented chewing strength, teeth stability, and a greatly improved comfort.
Amazing Aesthetics Are you ready for a picture perfect smile? Teeth by Tonight™ looks and feels like a natural set of teeth.
Exceptional Convenience Eat whatever you want, when you want it. Unlike what would be the case with removable dentures, there are no dietary restrictions with Teeth by Tonight™.
Improved Dental Health Help protect yourself from the dangers of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral diseases which can further damage your dental wellbeing.
Easy Care Teeth by Tonight™, like dental implants in general, are easy to take care of. No convoluted cleaning instructions; instead, brush and floss your new replacement teeth, just as you would natural teeth.
A Smile That Lasts Teeth by Tonight™ is a non-removable implant-supported bridge. A well-maintained dental implant can very well last a lifetime.

Smile at Sugar Land’s Smile Texas

Teeth by Tonight™ is a wonderful option for those who are missing many teeth along one arch or those who suffer from an advanced dental infection. Help safeguard your wellbeing and schedule a consultation at our Sugar Land, TX dental practice, which services the entirety of the Houston area. Contact us via the form to your left or give our warm, welcoming staff a call at 832-500-3935.